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Since 1989
Celebrating over 25 years in business.

For 2016, see the new Vintage Vinyl Series of Lap Steels and Electric Guitars.

The Pedal Slide has been a huge success since it's debut at the 2015 Winter NAMM show. They're in nearly every country on planet earth and sales are growing every week. Be sure to check out the PEDAL SLIDE by Axtremity while you're here.

We have just a few remaining Refurbished String Drops on SPECIAL!!!! Only $25.99 including FREE Shipping, while they last. There's a very limited amount of these, so it's first come first served.

The all new String Drop is a very hot item as well. If you're into Drop D Tuning ... you'll want to take a look!

The B&G Benders have a new machined look. They work smoother and better than ever. Be sure to take gander at the Bendolero guitar equipped with the B&G Benders and String Drop!

If a compact guitar stand is what you need, check out the Dingo!

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