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Since 1989
Celebrating 25 years in business.

The Timara Custom Shop is where you'll find some of the products & inventions, guitar videos, and product videos by Tim Wallis. We also have some products & inventions by Tim Wallis and Donnie Tate that they've designed together. The products here are just a few of what Tim and Donnie have designed. Check back often for SPECIAL Sales and more cool products from time to time.

Keep this in mind, we are NOT a machine shop. Both Tim and Donnie are "Old School Cobblers". Our products are mostly made by hand, so if you're looking for pristine, highly polished products here you won't find 'em. You will find products that work the way properly and be as cleaned and polished as well as a couple of old guys with arthritic hands and tired eyes can do. If you're looking for scratches and dings on products you buy here, you'll find 'em. So if you're a fanatic about cosmetic detail, don't order from us.

We have a good reputation for taking care of our customers. We don't keep a large inventory of our products, but we will always get your purchased product sent out to you just as soon as possible and if you ever have any problems or questions about an item you bought we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

If you have any questions contact us. Neither Tim or Donnie likes to talk on the phone, so please try emailing Tim first at