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Tim Wallis

He is a successful and award winning, Guitarist, Inventor, Entertainer, Writer, Producer, Radio / TV Host and Program Director. Since 1971 at the age of 9 when he began playing guitar, Tim has worked in the industry. He's been featured in many Magazines, Radio and TV shows all over the world.

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His extraordinary Guitar Playing and innovative style of using Stringbenders and String Drops is to say the least mesmerizing. Tim's ability to interact with a class of students is a must for every College Music Department, Guitar Workshop / Clinic. His quick dry wit is always entertaining and educational.

Known for his lightning speed Chicken Pickin', Pedal Steel Bends, Double / Triple Stops, Jazz and Western Swing style Chords and his heart felt Ballads. With our without Stringbenders, Tim Wallis is one of most accomplished Guitar Virtuosos of our day.

No matter what style of guitar you play, you will learn some cool licks to take home. In 2008 while at the NAMM show in Anaheim California, Tim was performing at one of the booths and it didn't take long before there was a large crowd of guitar players surrounding him and hanging on every note he played. The vast majority were Metal Shredders and all were astonished at what Tim could do on the guitar. Afterwards, he spent hours talking to the guitar players and showing them some quick and cool licks that they could implement in to there playing .

Tim Wallis' talents and inventions are known throughout the entire world. His online videos have over 9 MILLION views. His musical instrument related inventions and CD's/DVD's have sold in nearly every country. Several of his inventions have been licensed to some of the biggest companies in the musical instrument industry.

In the 1990's, Tim was under contract with Warner Bros. Records. His knowledge of the recording industry is a wealth of information to any aspiring young talent. Students will have the opportunity to ask and listen to how and what it takes to have a Major Recording Label listen to you.

Tim's Radio and Television experience will offer an insight to the industry. He spent over 10 years as a Program Director, Production Director and Live Morning Show Host for a 50,000 watt FM Radio Station. His Television experience includes Director, Writer, Host and Producer. Tim has also written and produced hundreds of Jingles, On-Air Commercials and Scripts.

Bring his experience to your Music Department so your students can learn from a Master.

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Dr. Dave Burdick of Millikin University Letter of Recommendation.